You can easily create your own submission form! A submission form is a form your applicants fill out when they sign up for your competition. You have full control over the creation of this form using the Submission Form Builder.

Click on Submission Form Builder on the left-hand side menu panel. Before you create your first field, a mini-tutorial is displayed in order to assist you. Take some time to read through it before you get started.

The procedure is quite simple: choose a field you would like to add to your form. Then drag & drop the button onto the page. If you would like to change their order, again just drag & drop!

Example: Drag & Drop the name field onto the page.

After adding a field, click on the field to make changes to various different parameters. For example, you can make a field required for the user, fill out pre-defined choices in a drop-down menu, create conditional logic, etc.

Whenever you make changes make sure to click on Update Form to save them.

Do not forget to click on Update Form! Otherwise, any changes made will be lost.

Preview the form

You can preview the form by clicking on Preview to take a look at the changes you have made.

Make sure to Update Form to save changes first and then click on Preview to see your changes.

Preview the submission form you have created.
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