Under Evaluation Form Builder menu on the left side panel, you can create an Evaluation form which will be used by your judges to grade each submission.

Take some time to read through the tutorial before getting started.

The process is very similar to the Submission Form Builder with a few differences.

Choose Reference from the Evaluation Fields and drop the field onto the page.

Choose Reference from the Evaluation Field.

Note: Adding the Reference field is a requirement!

Drag & Drop the Reference field.

Once you add the Reference field, it will show up as a "Hidden field". Now you can go ahead and add other fields to your form. For example, you can add Single Scores for various different criteria. If you would like the judges to rate how creative, clear, or realistic the submission is, you can create a single score for each of these criteria.

Drag & Drop the Single Score field.

Whenever you make any changes to the form, click on Update Form to save the settings!

The label for the single score field is Untitled. You can change the label - along with many other settings - by clicking on the field.

Change settings of a field by clicking on it!

You can continue adding various Single Scores for judges to critique the submission on. You also have the option to add other types of fields, such as Paragraph Text for comments written by the judges, or radio buttons for (yes/no) questions, etc. You can add anything to this form!

The last requirement for the Evaluation Form is to add a Total Score field and you are finished!

Adding the Total Scores field is a requirement!

Do not forget to drag & drop the Total Score field to sum all the Single Scores!

Last, but not least, if you want to review how your form looks, simply click on Preview.

Click on Preview to see the changes made so far.
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