Under the Notifications menu, you can configure specific messages to be sent to Participants and/or Judges. This is a tutorial for sending messages to Participants. However, the process for sending messages to Judges is very similar.

You can send a notification and/or confirmation to Participants when they successfully complete their application form. The messages differ in the way they are delivered to the user. A confirmation is displayed directly on the page after the application is submitted, whereas a notification sends an email instead.

Adding a new Notification

Select Notifications in the left-hand side panel then click on Add New

When you click on Add New, you will be taken to a page where you can set up the notification details.

An example of how to set up Notification emails

Just save the notification and you are finished!

If you need to modify, delete or deactivate the notification, simply hover over the notification we just created to take a look at all available options.

Modify, Delete, Duplicate, Activate/Deactivate Notification

Adding a new Confirmation

A confirmation is a message that is directly displayed on the webpage once the applicant has successfully completed the form. You can create, delete and edit these messages on our platform.

Click on Notifications in the left-hand side menu, then click on confirmations

You see that the default message is "Form has been submitted successfully". If you'd like to customize this message, hover over the Default Conformation and then click on Edit.

Hover over Default Confirmation then click on Edit

To edit the message, just type your message in the area provided.

Type your message in the box provided and click on save

Do not forget to click on Save Confirmation
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