We first need to get to the Round Submissions page, so click on Submissions.

Click on Submissions.

This table has pre-defined columns displayed. In this example, one of the columns is displaying too much text. If we wanted to remove, add or change the order of the columns displayed by default, click on the widget located at the end of the header row - as shown below.

Click on the widget icon.

When you click on the widget, you will see two tables Active Columns which are displayed and Inactive Columns which are not displayed. Drag & Drop the columns you would like to remove and/or keep. Then click Save. That's it!

Drag & Drop the columns you want to remove or keep. Do not forget to click on Save!

Now, when you go back to the page; you will notice the changes taking effect. The table does not have as much text as before and it can be viewed more easily. We are now able to fit many records on one page!

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