MailChimp is an application which gives you the ability to have greater control over the emails you send to all your users on Untap Compete. Before you are able to integrate MailChimp with our platform, you need three values: API Key, Participants List ID, Judges List ID.

To set up an account, click on Round Management on the left-hand side panel and make sure that the Send Emails tab is selected.

Create a MailChimp account: Select Round Management, Send Emails and then click on get an API key.

Follow the steps of creating an account:

1. Create an account. 2. Fill in a username & password 3. Confirm your email address

In MailChimp, select Lists and click on Create List.

Fill in the information in this form.

Create a new list by filling out the information in this form. Click on Save.

List ID

To get the List ID, first, make sure that you have selected the Lists tab in MailChimp and click on the Settings drop down. Choose List name and defaults. You will need to create two Lists: One for all the participants and one for all the judges. The process is exactly the same.

Click on Settings and chose List name and defaults.

Here, you will find the List ID. Copy the List ID.

Repeat this procedure twice - once for the email list of all participants and once for all the judges.

Copy the List ID


Lastly, you will need to copy the API Key from MailChimp to complete the integration. To get the API Key, do the following: click on the drop-down on the top right of the page and choose Account

Click on Account to get the API Key

Under Extras choose API Keys.

Choose API Keys

Scroll down and click on Create A Key.

Click on Create A Key

Now, simply copy the key that was generated for you!

Copy the API Key

Request Integration

Now, take your two List IDs and the API Key and copy and paste these values into the Round Management > Send Emails page.

Copy and paste the values obtained in the previous sections Click on Request Integration.

Export Email Addresses from Untap

You will need to import the email addresses from Untap to MailChimp. This process only needs to be done once. As users sign up to the Untap platform, the email addresses in your contact list will be automatically updated in time.

To export all email addresses from Untap, go to Round Management > Send Emails. Then choose the type of user you need to export and click on Export Users

Exporting email addresses from Untap

Import Email Addresses to MailChimp

To import the email addresses into MailChimp, go to Lists and choose Import contacts.

Choose your list and click on Import contacts.

Now you will be asked what type of data you have. Choose the first option: CSV or tab-delimited text file. The file you downloaded from Untap is a CSV file.

Choose CSV or tab-delimited text file

Next, MailChimp will ask you to locate the file. Click on Browse to locate your CSV file. Once you have located the file click Next.

Locate the file and then click Next

The next page will ask you to review the details one more time before you go ahead. Click on Import and you are finished!

Review the details and then click on Import!

Congratulations! You now successfully integrated Untap with MailChimp.
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