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Add and Edit Blog Posts

Blog Posts

Blog posts allows you to communicate better with your applicants. You can create posts whenever you want to share a blog article, news announcement, tips and tricks to pass the application, or anything else you will publish regularly (and potentially under different author names).

How to Build a Blog

Your Blog is already build by default, you just need to add posts to it.

Go to your dashboard and hover over Program Website.
Click Posts.
Click Add New.

A new post will be opened, you can customize using the creative Block Editor.
Add a title to your post then press Enter.
Start typing whatever you want in this post or click + to use a block.
Blocks are quite easy, you can choose between adding Images, Lists, Paragraphs and more.
For more info about how to use Block Editor click here.

Click Preview to view your post, save as a draft to edit it later, or click Publish.

However, this post will not appear on your homepage Header/Footer menus. To control that, please read this article.

Updated on: 01/02/2022

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