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Build Your Homepage

Our homepage customizer is a perfect tool to build a beautiful landing page for your program with the least effort. It easily allows you to list all information about the program, with customizable content sections for interested participants to check out.

Start your homepage customizer by:

Hover on Program Website from your program dashboard.
Click Homepage Builder.
Start modifying the sections and build your program homepage.

Another method to start your homepage customizers:

Go to your homepage.
Click on Customize at the top-left corner.

Use our built-in Tour to get familiar with the different features of our customizer.

Click Tour at the right-bottom of the homepage if our Tour did not start automatically.

We also provided you with tool-tips for every action you are thinking of making.

Hover on any section, icon, or action on your customizer.
A tool-tip will appear describing what you could do using this action.

Updated on: 31/01/2022

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