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Invite Admins & Judges

Add an Administrator

Adding administrators to your competition can reduce the workload by allowing multiple users to make administrative changes to your account.

An administrator can make changes to the settings of the competition.

First click on Users, then click on Add New

If the user exists within our network already, then add the new administrator in the first section.

Add an existing user as an Administrator

If the user does not exist within our network, then add the administrator in the second section.

Add a new Administrator

Invite Judges

You can add and/or view judges under the Judges page.

To add new judges, go to the Add New tab under the Judges page:
You can invite Judges by:

Inviting single judge

By entering the judge name and e-mail

Inviting multiple judges

Through specifying judges' e-mails in a list of separated commas, or by uploading a CSV file containing the judges' names & e-mails.

You can then view a list of the currently added judges under the List tab:

Updated on: 01/02/2022

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