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Round Settings

Round settings

The round settings control the round information and the round type.
You can set/edit round name, submission and evaluation dates, or set your round as a judging round or not.

The submission and evaluation dates are only visible to program admins.
To change the submission date that appears on the homepage for applicants, please refer to the Countdown section under homepage builder tab.

Setting the round type

Choose whether your round is an evaluation round or not. By checking the box of no judging necessary for this round, you will move all submissions to the round scores so you can directly qualify/disqualify submissions without evaluation.

This might be useful for initial screening purposes.

You can choose to reveal only the submission status (qualified/disqualified/pending) to the participants on their participant account without sending automated e-mail to them.

Reveal Submission Status to participants on their account.

Updated on: 31/01/2022

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