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Set Submission Notification

Under the Notifications menu, you can configure specific messages to be sent to participants after they submit their applications.

Notification vs Confirmation:

A "Notification" sends an Email.
A "Confirmation" is a message displayed directly on the page after the application is submitted.

Adding a new Notification:

Once you open a new Notification (or edit a saved one), you will get the below options:

Choose the Notification Name.
Choose Select a Field
you can select any email field within the application form.

"Configure Routing" : enables you to send the email based on conditional logic, for example, if you would like to send to participants who only live in a certain country, or participants who have a certain nationality, or based on any question that was in the submission form.

Choose the Sender Name & Email Subject.
Choose the Email Address it will be sent from.
(Note: Using a third-party email in the From Email field may prevent your notification from being delivered. It is best to use an email with the same domain as your website. More details in our documentation.)
Choose the default Reply To & BCC email.
Customize the email body.

Once finished, please do not forget to click on "Save Notification" or "Update Notification".

Updated on: 31/01/2022

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