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What is Untap Compete?

What is Untap Compete?

Untap Compete is a software that lets organizations easily and quickly plan, launch, and manage online prize-based competitions, hackathons, open innovation challenges, accelerator & incubator programs, scholarship programs, grants programs, and other forms of calls for applications.

It streamlines the process of building a dedicated website, receiving and managing submissions, engaging with the participants, and evaluating the submissions.

Untap Compete also provides an innovative Round Engine; enabling program organizers to manage the whole funnel of their program in one place qualifying participants from one round to the next.

The software provides a website builder for setting up and customizing a website for the call for applications that can include any relevant content. The website also includes an “Apply Now” page for interested participants to sign up (or log in) to their accounts and make a submission. Interested participants can sign up to access their dedicated account and be able to submit their applications and monitor status updates regarding their submissions.

In addition to the website, Organizer(s) receive access to a dedicated account on Untap Compete. The account enables the Organizer to create new calls for applications and manage existing ones.

Organizer(s) manage the whole process on their dedicated Untap Compete dashboard. They build the application form, customize the landing page, and monitor the submissions. They can send invitations to Judges in order to access a dedicated account and be able to evaluate assigned submissions.

Every call for applications on Untap Compete consists of at least one submission round. The first round of a call for applications would usually be open to anyone to apply to. The round requires a submission form for interested participants to fill out.

It can also have an evaluation form with predefined evaluation criteria - each with an assigned weight - for judges to fill out. Those with the highest average scores are usually selected as round winners; they qualify to the next round.

The submission form and the evaluation form are both fully customizable. Submissions can include any number of PDF documents, images, and/or videos. Attachments can be of any size up to 200MBs.

Feedback of the Judges can be visible to the Participants on their accounts if required.

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Updated on: 09/06/2021

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