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Manage Submissions

You can view/manage submissions in a mailbox format from the submission page under the round tab.

In this section, you can do multiple of actions such as: mark submission Read/Unread, Highlight potential submissions with a favorite icon, Resend notifications to participants and/or judges, print submissions ,and assign judges to submissions.

Customize your default view from the screen options button on the top right of the page, you can view only unread, starred ,or disqualified submissions. You can also customize the number of entries per page to be viewed in your submission management page.

Customize the columns to display specific fields from the submission form into the submissions table, you can edit the active columns from the gear icon in the submissions table header:

Drag and drop the required fields to display:

You can search specific submissions through the search fields section, the search is based on the items of the submission form:

For more information about assigning judge(s) to submission(s), please refer to the "Assign Judges Help Article" through the following link:

Updated on: 31/01/2022

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